About Us

Introduction of our Company

Prim Audit 2005 Audit and Tax Advisory Company Limited provides services to our clients in  accounting and financial fields of economy. The principal  scope of our activities covers the auditing, tax advisory services, representation before the tax authorities and screening of business companies, local governments and government institutions. Further to that we undertake also determination of market value of various  assets.

Historyof our Company, Corporate Culture

Prím Audit Ltd was founded in 1995 by private individuals with the scope of auditing, financial and tax advisory services. Prím Audit 2005 Ltd has been founded in 2005 with the objective to perform an image change and broaden the scope of our activities.

In our new organizational framework priority is given to the Client and the observance of legal regulations, the standards issued by the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors as well as the directives from the European Union. We hope that following the above corporate policy we are able to serve better our clients in a continuously changing internal and external economic environment.


Postal address:

1061 Budapest, Káldy Gyula u. 6 ½

Phone:            +36-13270196

                         +36-309615443 (mobile)

Fax:                +36-13270197


E-mail:          info@primaudit2005.hu