One of the activities of our Company relates to screening of business associations and municipalities. During the screening we carry out a complete survey with the assistance of legal and technical experts.

During the screening we pay special attention to which aspect the screening needs to be carried out. It is an important issue namely whether the the screening is carried out from property, income, taxation or regularity aspect. The results of the screening depends largely on the objectives of the screening and on the issues we have to focus and less on those which are irrelevant from the point of view of the screening objectives. We carry out the screenings and related analyses from auditing aspect, that is we are seeking answers to whether the data provided for us in the documents and reports of the given company correspond to the real data of the business activity of the company and whether the company complies with the internal and external requirements. In case of screening prepared for management decisions of owners it is important to observe the interests of the owners and investors and address the questions how the capital is invested in the given company, when and how the invested capital returns, what is the capital risk of the investment.To answer these question we examine the organizational and structural model of the company, the decision making mechanisms and also how the decision hierarchy and entitlements match the natural tasks as well as whether the decision making mechanism comply with the decisions of the owners. The depth of the screening depends on the requirements of the client.


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