Audit of Local Governments

Our Company is carrying out auditing services at various local governments under the leadership of our colleague qualified for state budget auditing. The aim of our audit services is to formulate an opinion to our best knowledge about the reliability, throughtfullness and consistency with legal requrirements of the annual budget report (accounting balance, simplified cash flow report, residue and profit statement, supplementary annexes) bearing in mind the state of property, indebtedness and liquidity.

In addition to the mandatory tasks we follow the decision making of the governing bodies continously, we attend the sessions of the corporate bodies and we express our professional opinion at economic decisions.

As reference to our local government auditing services we can mention one of the largest District Local Governments of Budapest, where we carry out our auditing services since 1995. During the previous years we carried out several examinations regarding the use of aproppriations at various local governments on ad hoc orders.


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