Apport evaluation

In parallel to audit, tax advisory services and business valuation our Company deals also with apport evaluation. During the evaluation we put great emphasis on getting to know the business activity of our client, mapping the major economic processes, determination of the real market value of the apport and the examination of underlying documentation.

During the evaluation process we take into consideration both the external factors linked to the given apport (like characteristics of the given economic branch, legal environment, presence of competitors, changes in market demand, rentability etc.) as well as internal factors (like the specific economic activity of the client, strengths and weaknesses, cost structure, property structure, efficiency, human resource management etc.).

The staff of our Company have experience in the following areas:

  • determination of the value of tangible assets
  • determination of the value of the sahre of assets
  • determination of the real market value of investments

In the process of formulation of our opinion we determine the value of the given apport in cooperation with appropriate experts of the given area (legal and technical experts, appraisers).


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