Auditing is one of the most important services of our company.  For  some of our partners these auditing services are carried out as legally mandatory services, while others entrust us with these tasks based on their  voluntary  management decisions.

During the implementation of our audit services we are examining the truthfullness of the information contained in the accounting reports. The audit activities are carried out with the assistance of our colleagues who gathered considerable professional knowledge and experience in audit. During our work we pay special attention to the internal policies and regulations, the audit standards and the legal regulations. The information contained in the annual reports audited by  us provide a true information about the real estate, financial and income situation of the given company not only for the business partners but also for the owners,  creditors, investors and other potential partners.

At the present economic situation we pay special attention to continuous monitoring of the real economic ,financial and income state of our clients. This monitoring is carried out as integral part of our audit services in order that our partners get in the best position to assess the external as well as internal risks and opportunities and be able to make racional improvements of their operations and thus being able to keep space with the changing business environment with minimal risks.

Our company disposes the below qualifications to carry out audit services:

  • IFRS
  • Investment undertaking (?)
  • Financial Institutions
  • Kibocsátói (?)
  • State budget (?)
  • Forensics(?)

We have the necessary qualifications to carry out audit activities in all sectors. Based on our IFRS qualification we are also  in the position  to carry out audit  of EU funded projects.


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