Major areas of activity of our clients


Among our clients there are companies representing media, media technology, communication. We pay special attention to adjust our interventions to serve best the specific activities and essential features of our clients

Product manufactoring

We consider it as a priority to get ackwainted with the production processes as well as the process integrated audit tasks of our product manufactoring clients. We put great emphasis on the examination of the continuous operation of these companies as well as on the complete examination of the economic acitivities of our clients focussing on the essentials but not loosing our professional scepticism.


Some of our clients are dealing with logistics. During the process of examining their characteristic economic activities we focus on the examination of the performance process of transport contracts and delivery orders putting specific emphasis on the Hungarian and EU regulations, the changes in relevant legislation and the observance of them.

Our other partners

Among our other partners there are associations carrying out media and other cultural activities

Product manufacturing associations with a wide range of activities from mining to product manufacturing to the general public

Associations dealing with services for the citizens as well as associations carrying out  public services


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