Representation before Tax Authority, Tax Advisory Services

At the present economic environment we pay special attention to the changes in legislation during the process of our audit activity. We keep our Clients informed continuously about the legislative changes in order they can adjust their activities in time to the changing regulations. This service is carried out as part of our audit process in order that our Clients be in the position to make economic decisions according to the changing legislation and to be in the position to carry out their economic acitivities  in a continuously changing environment smoothly, minimizing the tax risks and optimizing their taxation position.

One of our specific service in this area is the taxation screening in order that our clients dispose sufficient knowledge  about the tax regulations and be able to apply them accordingly.

We are controlling the data in the tax declarations with the assistance of our colleagues with great professional background, we are examining the underlying documentation of the contracts and the invoices. During this process we draw the attention of our clients to the eventual taxation risks and we submit proposals on how to avoid such risks in the future. We draw attention also to resolutions and court orders applicable in the given situation. We undertake also representíation of our clients before the Tax Authority according to the legislative regulations.


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