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The main activities of our Company include auditing, tax advisory services, determination of real market value, apport value – just to mention our principal activities.
The guiding principle of our Company is to be client and task oriented. We consider it extremely important that our services meet consumer satisfaction, therefore through our suggestions and opinions we are assisiting our clients to comply with ever-changing legal and economic standards without harming the interests of our clients.

In case you are interested to know more about our services or wishes to get a custom made offer for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Erika vada
Managing Director

Major areas of activity of our clients
Product manufactoring

We consider it as a priority to get ackwainted with the production processes as well as the process integrated audit tasks of our product manufactoring clients. We put great emphasis on the examination of the continuous operation of these companies as well as on the complete examination of the economic acitivities of our clients focussing on the essentials but not loosing our professional scepticism.


Among our clients there are companies representing media, media technology, communication. We pay special attention to adjust our interventions to serve best the specific activities and essential features of our clients


Some of our clients are dealing with logistics. During the process of examining their characteristic economic activities we focus on the examination of the performance process of transport contracts and delivery orders putting specific emphasis on the Hungarian and EU regulations, the changes in relevant legislation and the observance of them.

Our other partners

Among our other partners there are associations carrying out media and other cultural activities

Product manufacturing associations with a wide range of activities from mining to product manufacturing to the general public

Associations dealing with services for the citizens as well as

associations carrying out  public services

Vada Erika

I am convinced that one has to be confident, reliable, determined, professionally well
prepared, with extensive working experience and relationships, good communication
skills and fairness to be able to perform quality audit work.
During my professional career in the Eighties, I participated in the tax reform as an
employee of APEH (Hungarian Tax Authority), in particular in the legislative process as
well as in the dissemination of laws through lecturing and professional publications. I
am the author of several professional publications and articles from this period.

At the beginning of the Nineties, I had the honor to be entrusted with the creation and
starting the economic department of the Indemnification Office. To be able to carry out
these tasks there was a need for a good knowledge of budget accounting as well as
significant leadership and organizing skills. I have fulfilled this challenge and completed
this task.
In the following period I had the privilege to follow and participate in the transformation
of large state enterprises into shareholder companies and for almost ten years I was in
charge of reviewing the annual reports of these companies as well as supervising their
economic activities in my capacity as Director of Audit of ÁPV Ltd.
During the last 15 years, I work as an independent auditor at my own company. I am
also an active member of the Hungarian Audit Chamber, for 4 years as president of the
Budapest Chapter and for the time being a member of the National Board.
My career path demonstrates that the work experience of the last decades resulted also
in a broad network of working relations and social capital which I wish to use for our
common better future and for a broad and high-quality professional service of our


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